Genesis Fair Trade

So I have recently been to the slums of Kenya and just the other day I got back from the Dominican Republic. [I plan to write more about those travel experiences later]. If there is one thing I can emphasize from my recent travels it is that there are people in these places, and all over the world, who need opportunities for work. Think about it: working gives you something to do during the day, it allows you to provide for your self and your family, it empowers you to achieve your goals. Having sustainable work provides hope for individuals and communities, and ultimately provides more jobs that help stop the cycle of poverty.

Companies like Genesis Fair Trade get this. They’ve been to the indigenous communities in Columbia, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru and they have seen the poverty and the lack of opportunity that is totally present there && they are doing something about it!

There is serious transformational power behind ethical purchasing!

Genesis Fair Trade has directly partnered with indigenous artisans in Central and South America. They are paying these artisans above-market wages. The goal for them is to reach more individuals and communities and be an instrumental part in helping them rise above the poverty level, allowing them to provide a higher quality of life for themselves and their children. Genesis Fair Trade also invests all other profits back into the communities of the artisans they employ through specific projects providing clean water, giving nourishing food, and empowering through education!

The products are beautiful and truly speak for themselves. I have this Nahaula Corte Clutch made in Guatemala. It is amazing quality and I love the boho look it provides for a simple outfit!

If you are looking for a simple way to #PartnerInEmpowerment and play a part in ending the cycle of poverty, check out Genesis Fair Trade! Get yourself a phone case, buy Mom some jewelry for Mother’s Day, or get your best gal pal a super cute clutch like mine!