Sustainable Spring Giveaway

N+C desires to give people an avenue to get involved in different causes. We aim to do this by giving away and showcasing an entire outfit, where each piece is a symbol of a different cause! The goal of this giveaway is to come together as a conscious community && help consumers become more aware of cause driven brands that each offer different pieces, but together can make up an entire outfit! 



Prep for the Giveaway:

  • Each brand involved will contribute a specific item that makes up an entire spring themed outfit.

  • You send NC the product that you are giving away. If your item has various sizes (shoes and dress), then you send NC the size that would fit Nicole.

  • Once NC has the full outfit, all accessories included, we will have a photo shoot with the entire outfit styled together. NC will send all participating brands a few photos to have and use for the giveaway.



Giveaway Requirements:

  • All brands must post about the giveaway a minimum of two times over the course of the 5-day giveaway period. 

  • You must tag all brands in the giveaway photos that you post.

  • You must include the accurate rules for the giveaway in your caption




Rules for Entry in the Giveaway:

1. Follow each of the brands tagged in this photo.

2. Tag a friend that you think would love to rock this outfit this spring!

*For an additional entry: click the link in bio to add your email to the mailing list of each of these cause-driven brands. [landing page would be on and emails would be shared with each company involved after the giveaway is complete.]



Awarding the Winner:

  • NC will find out what size shoe and dress the winner is. NC will coordinate with those two brands specifically to ensure that the winner is awarded her correct size. NC can send back the dress and shoes that those brands sent me, if the winner is a different size.

  • All other accessories will be mailed directly to the winner from Narrow Collective.



Sharing Emails:

  • There will be a disclaimer in the entry rules and on the landing page stating that the email they provide will be shared with all brands in this giveaway.

  • After the giveaway, NC will send each brand a list of all emails collected.