Whole Story Collective

Can you say HAMMOCK SEASON!?

One of my favorite things is to lay out in a hammock on a warm summer night as the sun is going down and just relax! And if I'm at the pool, on the beach or near the lake that makes the experience THAT much better! This hammock from Whole Story Collective makes my dreams a reality.


It's handmade, and comes in all sorts of colors! All 4 of their different style relaxation goods are made by Nicaraguan families who are using century old techniques and have been handcrafting products for as long as 80 years! So much culture and talent goes into making these beautiful pieces. 


Many of you may have an idea about the severity of poverty in developing countries, but did you know that 640 million children are without adequate shelter in these regions? That is mind blowing! Whole Story Collective is making moves to solve this problem.

They are working on building their FIFTH house for a family in need in Nicaragua.

When they sell 100 of their relaxation goods, they have enough funds to build a new home for someone who has never had a place to call home. Help them get their 5th house built! You can be 1 of 100 who funds a house in Nicaragua. Plus, you get to enjoy your hammock in your home or back yard everyday and be reminded of the impact you made through your purchase! 




If you use the code narrowcollective100 you can receive %10 off your purchase!!! 


IG: @WholeStoryCollective