Tribe + Glory: Hope for Uganda

WOW. We are back from Uganda and are finally getting back on Texas time. Africa was absolutely amazing. It was my (Nicole here) first time to this beautiful country, and I fell in love with the people and the culture! More on our trip to Uganda coming soon: STAY TUNED!!!

A friend of mine, Loren, actually lived in Uganda for a year working with Empower a Child. While she was there she was continually invited into the huts of the women in the village of Zirobwe. I know from my own experience there, the people of Uganda are some of the most hospitable people in this world! Some of them have close to nothing, but still they want to share what they do have with you. 

She learned that many of these women provide for their children and families by farming what little they could grow on their own, but all had big dreams of a different kind of life. They dreamed of providing their kids with a better life and the ability to put them through university. She was inspired by these friends of hers and that is what birthed Tribe + Glory.

Tribe + Glory desires to give these ladies the resources and skills needed to help them provide for their children well. In turn, they will be able to feel free to recognize and pursue their own passions and dreams.


The program that these women go through allows them to spend time discovering and defining their own dreams. They are guided in formulating their own business plan that will allow them to turn their dreams into a reality. The ladies are given fair trade salary and are taught how to budget, along with the importance of saving money to reinvest it into their futures. Hope is found through this program from the encouragement and empowerment these women receive. This hope spreads beyond the 9 artisans that Tribe + Glory employs. Watching the T + G women make their dreams come true, inspires women in neighboring huts and villages to do the same. 

100% of the proceeds of T + G pieces go directly to the women artisans and toward village development in Zirobwe.

In this new year Tribe + Glory plans to expand and begin training and equipping a new set of artisans to create beautiful home goods and jewelry from cattle horn. Uganda has beautiful cattle horn. I bought some as a decorative pieces while I was there! I cannot wait for Tribe + Glory's launch of the cattle horn line coming soon!!!
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