Threads Worldwide | Gift Sets


It's officially December. Whether you are finally getting around to writing out your Christmas list for your mom or you are beginning to make purchases for your neighborhood gift exchange, holiday office party, or family Christmas celebration, it's time to start thinking about GIFTS.

Many of you, I am sure, are on the hunt to give gifts that have meaning, that empower, that give-back. You know, the kind of gifts that make a difference in someone's life. You've come to the right place!

Threads Worldwide has crafted a wonderful collection of Christmas Gift Sets for Her.  Today we are going to be sharing two of these gift bundles that are filled with pieces handcrafted by artisans from Ecuador to Kenya.  


Sea Foam Gift Set

The perfect dainty necklace with matching beaded wrap bracelet

The Manda Bracelet is created from glass beads and handmade by deaf women in Kenya. The matching Chone necklace is made of acai seeds and other delicate metals by women like Nancy, a hardworking mother of 3 who was once homeless in Ecuador, but through her endeavors as an artisan has made a way for her family.

Bright & Bold Gift Set

The bright and beautiful patterned clutch paired with a simple geometric necklace and coordinating bold earrings


The Peten Clutch is crafted from the fabric of Mayan Blouses and created by women in Guatemala who have gained the respect of the men in their community because of their business. The Baltra Necklace is made from taqua seeds by women like Nancy from Ecuador (same as above). The Betwa Earrings are handcrafted by women like Prema, who was pregnant and widowed in India. Through her work as an artisan, she has been able to send her daughter to primary school.

Threads Worldwide desires to empower women around the world through their business. The women who founded Threads Worldwide travelled all over the world and were absolutely moved by the poverty they experienced among the people. There are 1 BILLION people in the world who are living off of $1 a day. By partnering with artisan cooperatives all over the globe, Threads Worldwide is providing women the opportunity to earn a fair income for their work. This financial independence empowers the artisan women to not only take care of themselves, but also provide for their children and make their dreams a reality. 

When you shop the Threads Worldwide website you can read the artisans stories. Your purchase is a part of their story and you can share that with those you are shopping for this Christmas Season!