The Cookie That Gives

Baking A Difference!

We are so glad we found Give! Not only were they so gracious to let us try their gourmet cookies, they are an amazing company, giving back every step of the way!

They agree that anyone can give back by making socially conscious decisions. For Give, this means multiple things:

  •  Give sources their ingredients and packaging from socially conscious companies. 
  • The majority of their ingredients are fair trade certified, and the ones that are not, are sourced from local, family owned businesses. 
  • Their boxes come from India which allows them to help employ artisans. 
  • On top of all of this, at checkout the customer gets to vote for the organization to be donated to at the end of the month!

Cookies pictured: Chocolate Chip Cookie, Cornflake Cookie, Cause Roasted Cookie, and Nicciola Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie!!! Ahhh! Sugar Rush!

These are the current charities on their list!

We love Give! Check them out for more about their cookies, more flavors (including 'cookies n cream'), and their cause, check out their website and social outlets:
IG: cookiesthatgive