Saucy Lips

To wrap up our healthy and sustainable food products segment, we are sharing a company called Saucy Lips!!

Meats and veggies are a staple for me, but often times I find myself cooking them up with the same ol flavors. Honestly, it can get boring! Which is why Saucy Lips products are the perfect thing for my diet!!! Adding a punch of zesty flavor to any basic meal. 


We had the opportunity to try out the Pineapple Thai and Zesty Cilantro. Both are amazing, but my personal FAV is the Pineapple Thai! Keep in mind that all of their sauces are the most natural and healthy sauce options you can find! They are soy free, nut free, gluten free, dairy free, BPA free, GMO free and VEGAN! It's hard to find flavorful sauces with these types of credentials. The products are sustainably made in small batches by this family owned business, Saucy Lips! 


Look no further for a healthy punch of flavor to add to your meals!


Shop saucy lips here:

IG: @SaucyLipsFoods