Proud Pour

For all you wine drinkers out there... WE FOUND SUSTAINABLE WINE THAT GIVES BACK! I can hardly believe it!

This North Coast Sauvignon Blanc by Proud Pour is called "The Oyster," which is a very appropriate name for it. With every bottle purchased, 100 oysters are restored to local waters.

Now if you are like me, you may be wondering why we need to restore oysters, so I've done a little research and am going to tell you why! Oysters filter up to 5,000 gallons of water EVERY DAY. This filtration system helps to remove nitrogen from the water, which allows other sea plants to receive more sunlight. Not only that, oysters are home to all sorts of shell fish. Basically, with more oysters in the sea the ecosystem is just healthier! 

This sweet and fruity savignon blanc won't disappoint you! Sip, while relaxing by the pool on one of these last days of summer or have a glass with some oysters! 

Oyster populations are down 100 times what they used to be back in the day, so buy a bottle of wine and be a part of oyster restoration on the North Coast!

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