New Eve Jewelry

New Eve Jewelry 

We love our pieces from New Eve Jewelry! Read more about the company and the heart behind it from the founder herself, Megan Craig!

 I decided to start my business when I graduated college with a job in food service and more free time than I'd ever had. I loved my Toms shoes and the way they combined fashion and mission, and I dreamed of combining my jewelry design skills with service opportunities locally. I loved creating my jewelry with repurposed materials as a symbol of new life, and I wanted to contribute New Eve's time and money to bring new life to the needy in my local community. I had studied linguistics and Hebrew in college so I could be a missionary overseas, and I loved the idea of blessing the mission field in my own backyard. I originally partnered with my local homeless shelter, which offers programs to help break the cycles of addiction and homelessness, and build healthy life skills and job skills. They're such a force for good in our community, so I worked with them for a year, donating 10% of my proceeds and helping teach craft workshops and Bible studies at the shelter. Then I met the founders of the nonprofit I now work with, Feeding the Orphans. I fell in love with their mission to bring homes, food, education, medical care, clean water, and churches to women and children in Ghana. They also bless our local community of at-risk youth by hosting a summer camp in rural East Tennessee. I've been able to help design jewelry for their fair trade line, Esther's Hope, that employs single mothers in Ghana. I'm also thankful to be able to donate 10% of New Eve's proceeds to their ministry.

I love being able to make jewelry that makes my customers feel beautiful, encourages them with Scripture, and brings them alongside my mission to help those in need locally and globally.

-Megan Craig

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