Mitscoots: GET. GIVE. EMPLOY.

Based out of Austin, TX [ HOOK 'EM], Mitscoots is a company making an impact in our backyard. They saw a need and they came up with a solution; rightfully priding themselves on the quality of their socks, and going the extra mile to help those in need! 

This company creates great quality socks, scarves, gloves, and beanies. When you purchase one of their products, a pair of socks is given to a person or family who is in need. Stop and think for a second how often you wear socks. Everyday???? For families and individuals who are having trouble putting food on the table, receiving the blessing of socks is huge. Mitscoots has honed in on blessing people around the US with socks: a basic necessity. 


They have an amazing business model also, that takes things to the next level. Mitscoots employs individuals who need the opportunity to get on their own feet and off the streets. They are responsible for  packaging their products and shipping them out. Right now their only packaging office is located in Austin, but they hope to spread to other metropolitan cities and allow even more opportunities for people to provide for themselves through their packaging work. 

IG: @Mitscoots
FB: /Mitscoots