MATTER | Travel Attire for Her

Traveling is definitely a hobby of mine.

So far, I have made it to Uganda, India, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Peru. Next stop on my list is the Dominican Republic, and I may even make my way to Kenya! For anyone who travels, you know that it is IMPORTANT to have essential travel clothes.

To qualify as a good travelling outfit it must meet the following requirements:

1. Comfy

2. Material that is not too hot or too thin

3. Easy to move around in

4. Cute and stylish

MATTER is a socially motivated brand that has mastered the travelling outfit for the globetrotting woman.

I can say that these pants meet my travel attire requirements, and will be in my suitcase for my next adventure. Their travel wear is created by artisans around the world and each piece has a story to tell. With a mission to inspire consumers to ask why and where somethings is made, MATTER champions alternative production models so that artisans in Asia can expand their economic opportunities. 


MATTER embraces a philosophy of SLOW. By incorporating slow style, slow production, and slow design, MATTER is able to produce quality pieces with an intentional process that ultimately cultivates a better world for us all.