Manos Zapotecas: where durability meets design


I have always been a sucker for bags with tribal designs. I think every time I have left the country and had the chance to explore the native markets, I have purchased at least 4 of these types of bags. I don't know what it is about them! The bright colors and creative designs just really catch my eye. So if you cant tell, these are right up my ally! When we stumbled upon Manos Zapotecas, I knew we had to feature them on the blog and share the impact they are making.

These beautiful, handwoven, sheep wool bags are created by the Zapotec people of Oaxaca, Mexico. The purpose of Manos Zapotecas is to spread the beautiful traditions and excellent artisan skill of these people to socially conscious consumers around the world. Many of the patterns of the bags are Zapotec patterns that their ancestors used  years ago. This fair trade fashion brand is run by a team of 5 women in the US and supports 50+ weavers in Oaxaca!  

Manos Zapotecas is doing a great job of impacting this community of weavers, revealing a part of this culture to the world, and supplying the conscious shopper with great quality purses and duffels!

Their Spring-Line is launching TODAY!

Shop the line here:

IG: @ManosZapotecas
FB: /ManosZapotecas

XO | Nicole