Kurandza: Empowering Women in Mozambique

"Kurandza" is translated as, "to love," from Changana, the local language of Mozambique . This is a fitting name for this fashion company because of their mission. Kurandza employs and educates women in Mozambique who are HIV positive. They strive to empower these women and open doors of economic opportunity for them and their families by providing jobs. Sales from product allow the women to pay for the transportation to get to the hospital in order to maintain their health. In addition to the fair wages that these women get from their work, Kurandza donates profit from sales back to help better the development of their community. We love their mission and want to be a part of what Kurandza is doing for the women of Mozambique!

Kurandza is a fashion company focused on handcrafted stud earrings, bangles, and totes. We love how vibrant and tribal their products are! They are the perfect element to add to your closet- bringing  pops of color and fun flavors to your wardrobe! These would be a great gift for the holidays. 

We picked some of our favorite pieces from their product line and we are so excited to share them with you! Visit their website for more information on product and story.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/kurandza

Instagram: @lovekurandza

Twitter: @lovekurandza