The Joggo Bag

Crafted With Passion, Blended With Style

We are still here in India and thankfully we brought our Joggo Bag along with us. Courtney is speaking at The Awakening 2016 Conference with TKT Church. Today she gave a great message on practical ways to pursue your dreams.  The Joggo Bag is the perfect messenger bag to bring along a notebook, Bible, and iPad for notes at the conference! It has a very chill and hippy look to accompany its usefulness. 

These bags were designed to Journey to Greater Good.

The bags are fair trade made by a woman's co-op in developing countries. The design of the bag is great for many different occasions and you can see the different compartments below! 

This company wants to make an impact on this world by donating proceeds to educational initiatives for young people impacted by humanitarian crisis. Over 1/2 of the world's refugees are children. These kids are in need of basic necessities to survive in their new homelands. Joggo Bags partners with CARE Canada, to educate and train refugee children in over 21 different countries!


Join their efforts and check them out here:
IG: @Joggo_bag