Jimani Collections

Can I just say...
I LOVE THIS NECKLACE! It's so easy to put with any top or dress, and I've probably worn it 5 times in the past 2 weeks.

The Alanna Masaai Beaded Tassel Necklace by Jimani Collections is made of small gray glass beads sourced in Nairobi, and small gold seed beads found in Ethiopia. The entire necklace is assembled by their women using brass pieces and chain in Kenya.

Believe it or not, Jimani Collections started just 3 years ago as a short one week class teaching basic jewelry skills to impoverished women in Kenya. As time has gone on, they have grown into a training and design business. Jimani Collections is dedicated to consistently training and teaching the art of product design and creation to the women they employ. This growing company is able to transform the lives of the few women that they employ by focusing on training these women and creating a supportive work environment. They hope that soon they will be able to expand and impact Kenya in an even bigger way than they already are!

The Mkono Horn Bracelets are made from upcycled horn and bone sourced in Nairobi - horn and bone that would otherwise be discarded by local farmers. The horn and bone pendant is set in brass and the horn and bone beads are carved by local artisans. Both pieces in the bracelet set are then assembled by Jimani's women in Kenya.

 We love these pieces and the many more that you can find on their website: 
Jimani Collections
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