Guitars for Glory

It's crazy awesome how connections just fall into your lap. Guitars for Glory is one of those things that God just threw in our face!

Let me give you some background... Courtney and I run a nonprofit called Reaction Tour and we put on camps in underprivileged areas around the world. This past January in Uganda we added a Worship Workshop to the activity selection at camp. It was a huge hit with the kids and they soaked up every ounce of teaching they received. Our worship team left the camp thinking, "Man, it sure would be awesome to bring some instruments next year, so that we can better teach and equip them to lead worship in their churches, schools, and orphanages."

Next thing we know, Guitars for Glory is right in front of us! Their goal as a company is to put as many musical instruments as they can into the hands of those who do not have access to them like we do. By giving people guitars and musical training, they aim to enhance their musical experience and build up worship leaders within these communities! They have sent 200 guitars to 30 countries and impacted the lives of so many through their ministry! We plan to partner with them for Reaction Tour Uganda this coming December!

This summer Guitars for Glory will be returning to Belize for the second time to equip and train churches throughout the country! On these trips they aim to train musicians for the purpose of indigenously-inspired and locally-led programs!

You can support them by putting them in contact with your church leaders, financially supporting them, buying some of their awesome gear, or donating supplies! Get involved and help Guitars for Glory and their great mission!

Check out more information and get their merch here:
IG: @GuitarsForGlory