Guatemalan Adventures

So I know it has been a while ago now... but for Easter weekend I got to go to Antigua, Guatemala to visit one of my friends who was attending language school there. It was amazing and I wanted to share my adventures with you! 



It was Holy Week or Semana Santa and the whole weekend was a full blast of culture! When I got there, locals were hustling around in the streets trying to perfect their alfombras. I had heard that they painted the streets with sawdust... but I was really unsure how this was possible. Well, let me tell you, these alfombras (carpets) were BEAUTIFUL. I could not get enough! AND they are 100% dyed sawdust. Basically they would make these alfombras for the procession (which is a religious parade honoring Jesus on Easter weekend). Then, by the end of the procession, the amazing sawdust creations were completely ruined! They would almost immediately start working on new alfombras for the next procession that would occur just a few hours later. It was really cool to see the bright and beautiful patterns all over the streets of Antigua! 

You can watch my snap story from that weekend to see the whole thing for yourself!

The next day we took a short bus ride to Pacaya Volcano. Pacaya is an active volcano that erupted last June and we decided to hike right on up to the top! I didn't really think about how potentially dangerous it was until we were already back down, safe and sound. It was a pretty hard hike, an hour and a half all up hill, but we made it! The little tour we were on took us to an area that was still so hot from the last eruption that we roasted marshmallows on it! That was fun. There was also a Lava Store right there on the edge of the volcano. After the volcano erupted, it left many communities struggling and that is how this store started. The Lava Store uses lava from Pacaya to make and sell jewelry made by artisans in surrounding villages to help boost their economy. We bought friendship rings from the Lava Store while we were there!

A few other secrets of Antigua, Guatemala in case you ever go there yourself, which I highly recommend that you do. 

Go to Hobbitenango. Even if you don't stay the night there, just make a trip out of it. It is the cutest little cafe on the side of a mountain with an amazing view! Plus, if you do make reservations to stay in the hobbit house I am sure that you won't regret the peaceful tranquility of the place! 

Earth Lodge is another cool place that you could stay the night or just make a day trip. It also has a beautiful view and great little restaurant. 

You MUST go to Luna de Miel if you ever go to Antigua, Guatemala. It is not only the most adorable little place to eat, but the crepes are AMAZING. The environment is so relaxed and cozy. My friends and I literally sat on beanbags around this mini table and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the food! 

I really loved just walking the streets and roaming their local markets. It was all so beautiful. My favorite part about Antigua was all of the greenery and plants that were just everywhere. No matter where we went, there was beautiful plants and gorgeous courtyards through every door! 

PS: Got to use my Yellow Leaf Hammock chair when we hung out around the lake! Blog post about Yellow Leaf Hammocks  coming soon!!!