Bajalia | Sustainable, Empowering, Change.

"I never chose to be an activist, I inherited it naturally by being born after two sons in an Arab family. It became a part of my DNA at a very young age to fight for injustice against women."  
-Debbie Farah, Founder of Bajalia Intl. Group

Talk about sustainable fashion! Bajalia is the epitome of what Narrow Collective is all about! We are drooling over these high end pieces, knowing they have done so much good. Bajalia Intl. Group (BIG) is 7 years old and already made so much impact! They are collaborating with artisans in 28 countries including India, Afghanistan, Ethiopa, Kenya, and Haiti!! W O R L D  C H A N G E R S.


Nicole loveeees the Clay and Gold Bead Stretch Set & Seed Beed and Chain Tassel Necklace!!

And we know I love all things gold and white, which is why the Bone and Chain Tassel Necklace is my absolute favorite!!

Major claps for Bajalia as they continue to empower women all over the world!!! One of the things I love about BIG, is that they provide an opportunity to connect with women on the other side of the globe. I can be a part of helping provide provision to a woman on the other side of the earth by simply purchasing one of their great pieces. WIN WIN!

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