Ankura Brand

Great quality. Fabulous style. One-of-a-kind clothing. Embracing sustainability one piece at a time.  Ankura Brand

This dreamy fashion line is based out of Peru. They hit all of the major check points every conscious shopper is looking for by sourcing local materials, using natural and organic fibers, working with artisan communities and giving back to the local Peruvian communities!


This piece is a part of the Andean Mod Collection and is called the Georgia Skirt, and let me tell you how well-made it truly is. When I heard that it takes up to 3 days for the artisans in the ancestral community of Caral to hand-make ONE of these babies, I was not surprised. The quality of the skirt is impeccable!

I have had some fun pairing it with different solid color tops, but with this sweater on the streets of NYC is definitely my favorite!


Ankura is launching a crowdfunding project NOVEMBER 4th. You can support this beautifully creative brand and get your hands on some yummy rewards! (including this Georgia Skirt!) Be sure to make time to take a peak at it! Find a way to get involved with this brand!