AMERICAN NOMAD: Discover Authinetic Style

AMERICAN NOMAD is the perfect place to shop for a wide variety of beautiful products that you know, without a doubt, are impacting underprivileged communities around the world.

Each item on their site is handmade by artisans from all around the world. [India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, United States, Ecuador... Ok you get it.]  When you search the pages of products you can see where each piece was handcrafted. Everything, from the lounge-wear to the home decor, is made by artisans who are working in various cooperatives striving to beat poverty, overcome discrimination and allow for skill development. When you click on a product, you can read a bit about the history of who created it and how the work and skill development from that piece has impacted the community. 


We love our vase and bowl we found on AMERICAN NOMAD! These are a product of Nkuku sent over just in time from American Nomand for the rennovations in our office! This co-op aims to develop the traditional skills of the artisans in various communities. These people have amazing skills! However, on their own they have little opportunity to use their skills to make a living. Nkuku brings the work of these artisans to new markets and retail channels, and that is EXACTLY how we found these great pieces! Two claps for AMERICAN NOMAD


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