GlobeIn | For Mother's Day

So you may or may not know that I recently got engaged to the best man I know, Wes! LITERALLY, right after we got engaged, I got my first GlobeIn artisan box in the mail. Inside the box was THE CUTEST set of note cards, which came in perfect timing for me to start writing thank you cards to all the people who have already made our season of engagement so darn special! 

GlobeIn is a monthly subscription of beautifully crafted, artisan-made products from around the world. It's literally a globe in a box! I think this is such a fun idea! And after getting my first one, I will tell you that I am a huge fan of the products that make up the boxes. 

I received the Giving Box, which is one of multiple different boxes that they offer. Inside is a beautiful serving dish. You may not know this about me, but my goal is to collect a full and eclectic dinner set made from various artisans all over the world. So this serving dish is perfect for me and is a wonderful addition to my collection! There is also a matching gift box set and note cards with a very vibrant and trendy design. And lastly there is a palm leaf basket handmade in Mexico. It is great for holding trinkets and adding a pop of color to your home. Because of the purchase of this GlobeIn box, Craft Boat was able to expand their workshop space and employ more artisans. This box also provided sustainable full time employment for 2 bisque-makers and 4 painters. You can read more on the impact that these specific goods have on the artisans who handmade them HERE.

If you are looking for something meaningful to get your mom this Mother's Day [May 14th], I would highly recommend signing up for a GlobeIn Subscription! 

Seven Super Sustainable Stocking Stuffers

With Christmas just around the corner we wanted to make your life easier by gathering a beautiful collection of ethically sourced stocking stuffers. Our goal is to help you narrow your focus this Holiday Season and help you find meaningful gifts to give your loved ones. Here is our collection of Sustainable Stocking Stuffers.

Pacha Soap
Creating livelihoods

What: Pacha Peaces
Who: Pacha Soap
Why: Support W.A.S.H. (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) aiming to implement sustainable solutions to the poverty cycle.

Revive Bath + Body
End the trafficking

What: ChapStick
Who: Revive Bath + Body
Why: Support HavenATL, which is dedicated to serving women who have fallen vicim to commercial sexual exploitation in Atlanta.  

Bridgewater Candle Co.
Meals for Orphans

What: Candle
Who: Bridgewater Candle Company
Why: Support Rice Bowls to provide meals for orphans in underprivileged areas overseas.

Creating Opportunities

What: Passport Holder
Who: Elevate
Why: Collaborate with talented national people and walk along side them to help start their own businesses. 

Get. Give. Employ.

What: Socks
Who: Mitscoots
Why: Support the homeless of Austin by employing them to package and ship their products.

Clean Water

What: Mug
Who: MudLove
Why: Support the work of Water for Good and provide a week of clean water for someone in need.

Conflict Crate
Supports the kids

What: Coffee
Who: Conflict Crate
Why: A subscription box filled with cause driven products supports kids in Bolivia.

Threads Worldwide | Gift Sets


It's officially December. Whether you are finally getting around to writing out your Christmas list for your mom or you are beginning to make purchases for your neighborhood gift exchange, holiday office party, or family Christmas celebration, it's time to start thinking about GIFTS.

Many of you, I am sure, are on the hunt to give gifts that have meaning, that empower, that give-back. You know, the kind of gifts that make a difference in someone's life. You've come to the right place!

Threads Worldwide has crafted a wonderful collection of Christmas Gift Sets for Her.  Today we are going to be sharing two of these gift bundles that are filled with pieces handcrafted by artisans from Ecuador to Kenya.  


Sea Foam Gift Set

The perfect dainty necklace with matching beaded wrap bracelet

The Manda Bracelet is created from glass beads and handmade by deaf women in Kenya. The matching Chone necklace is made of acai seeds and other delicate metals by women like Nancy, a hardworking mother of 3 who was once homeless in Ecuador, but through her endeavors as an artisan has made a way for her family.

Bright & Bold Gift Set

The bright and beautiful patterned clutch paired with a simple geometric necklace and coordinating bold earrings


The Peten Clutch is crafted from the fabric of Mayan Blouses and created by women in Guatemala who have gained the respect of the men in their community because of their business. The Baltra Necklace is made from taqua seeds by women like Nancy from Ecuador (same as above). The Betwa Earrings are handcrafted by women like Prema, who was pregnant and widowed in India. Through her work as an artisan, she has been able to send her daughter to primary school.

Threads Worldwide desires to empower women around the world through their business. The women who founded Threads Worldwide travelled all over the world and were absolutely moved by the poverty they experienced among the people. There are 1 BILLION people in the world who are living off of $1 a day. By partnering with artisan cooperatives all over the globe, Threads Worldwide is providing women the opportunity to earn a fair income for their work. This financial independence empowers the artisan women to not only take care of themselves, but also provide for their children and make their dreams a reality. 

When you shop the Threads Worldwide website you can read the artisans stories. Your purchase is a part of their story and you can share that with those you are shopping for this Christmas Season! 



Conflict Crate

Raise your hand if you are slightly obsessed with subscription boxes!!!! ME ME ME! It is just so fun to get mysterious new goodies in the mail, isn't it?

The Conflict Crate is a new FAV! This brand is focused on making it convenient for consumers to shop consciously, and what better way than to ship a variety of socially conscious products straight to your door.

We LOVE that we are able to share companies like this with you. Their sole mission is to make conscious consumerism and ethical living more approachable and available for people. And that is exactly what Narrow Collective is all about! Two claps for team work.

We got the Education Box. All of the products in the box go toward educational causes! Learn more about these specific products and causes on the Conflict Crate site:

We LOVE that we are able to share companies like this with you. Their sole mission is to make conscious consumerism and ethical living more approachable and available for people. And that is exactly what Narrow Collective is all about! Two claps for team work.

PS-Check out their coffee subscription. Mmm. Mmm. GOOD.

Check out their IG: @Conflict_Crate 

Guatemalan Adventures

So I know it has been a while ago now... but for Easter weekend I got to go to Antigua, Guatemala to visit one of my friends who was attending language school there. It was amazing and I wanted to share my adventures with you! 



It was Holy Week or Semana Santa and the whole weekend was a full blast of culture! When I got there, locals were hustling around in the streets trying to perfect their alfombras. I had heard that they painted the streets with sawdust... but I was really unsure how this was possible. Well, let me tell you, these alfombras (carpets) were BEAUTIFUL. I could not get enough! AND they are 100% dyed sawdust. Basically they would make these alfombras for the procession (which is a religious parade honoring Jesus on Easter weekend). Then, by the end of the procession, the amazing sawdust creations were completely ruined! They would almost immediately start working on new alfombras for the next procession that would occur just a few hours later. It was really cool to see the bright and beautiful patterns all over the streets of Antigua! 

You can watch my snap story from that weekend to see the whole thing for yourself!

The next day we took a short bus ride to Pacaya Volcano. Pacaya is an active volcano that erupted last June and we decided to hike right on up to the top! I didn't really think about how potentially dangerous it was until we were already back down, safe and sound. It was a pretty hard hike, an hour and a half all up hill, but we made it! The little tour we were on took us to an area that was still so hot from the last eruption that we roasted marshmallows on it! That was fun. There was also a Lava Store right there on the edge of the volcano. After the volcano erupted, it left many communities struggling and that is how this store started. The Lava Store uses lava from Pacaya to make and sell jewelry made by artisans in surrounding villages to help boost their economy. We bought friendship rings from the Lava Store while we were there!

A few other secrets of Antigua, Guatemala in case you ever go there yourself, which I highly recommend that you do. 

Go to Hobbitenango. Even if you don't stay the night there, just make a trip out of it. It is the cutest little cafe on the side of a mountain with an amazing view! Plus, if you do make reservations to stay in the hobbit house I am sure that you won't regret the peaceful tranquility of the place! 

Earth Lodge is another cool place that you could stay the night or just make a day trip. It also has a beautiful view and great little restaurant. 

You MUST go to Luna de Miel if you ever go to Antigua, Guatemala. It is not only the most adorable little place to eat, but the crepes are AMAZING. The environment is so relaxed and cozy. My friends and I literally sat on beanbags around this mini table and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the food! 

I really loved just walking the streets and roaming their local markets. It was all so beautiful. My favorite part about Antigua was all of the greenery and plants that were just everywhere. No matter where we went, there was beautiful plants and gorgeous courtyards through every door! 

PS: Got to use my Yellow Leaf Hammock chair when we hung out around the lake! Blog post about Yellow Leaf Hammocks  coming soon!!!  

Guitars for Glory

It's crazy awesome how connections just fall into your lap. Guitars for Glory is one of those things that God just threw in our face!

Let me give you some background... Courtney and I run a nonprofit called Reaction Tour and we put on camps in underprivileged areas around the world. This past January in Uganda we added a Worship Workshop to the activity selection at camp. It was a huge hit with the kids and they soaked up every ounce of teaching they received. Our worship team left the camp thinking, "Man, it sure would be awesome to bring some instruments next year, so that we can better teach and equip them to lead worship in their churches, schools, and orphanages."

Next thing we know, Guitars for Glory is right in front of us! Their goal as a company is to put as many musical instruments as they can into the hands of those who do not have access to them like we do. By giving people guitars and musical training, they aim to enhance their musical experience and build up worship leaders within these communities! They have sent 200 guitars to 30 countries and impacted the lives of so many through their ministry! We plan to partner with them for Reaction Tour Uganda this coming December!

This summer Guitars for Glory will be returning to Belize for the second time to equip and train churches throughout the country! On these trips they aim to train musicians for the purpose of indigenously-inspired and locally-led programs!

You can support them by putting them in contact with your church leaders, financially supporting them, buying some of their awesome gear, or donating supplies! Get involved and help Guitars for Glory and their great mission!

Check out more information and get their merch here:
IG: @GuitarsForGlory


Reaction Tour: UGANDA

Court here.

I have to say, I'm pretty biased to this particular organization and that's because I started it.

On top of Narrow Collective, Nicole and I run an amazing organization called, Reaction Tour.

We put on camps for kids in third world countries. This week, we're headed to Uganda. It'll be our fourth time to do camp in this location and we CAN NOT WAIT to get there. We will still be blogging for N+C but our focus will be there on the people of Uganda. 

Reaction Tour is kind of the reason N+C began. We wanted to find a blog that would expose our great sponsorship t-shirts. When you buy one of our t-shirts for $35, it actually sends a kid to our camp. For a week we will be hanging out with an amazing bunch of 500 youth. There are 26 of us on our team and it's always so amazing to see what God does through us. 

We will be posting videos, pics, etc on the Reaction Tour social media outlets: @ReactionTour. Follow what we're doing to gain an experience that we can share together.

Also, it's not too late to sponsor a kid to our camp- Shop by clicking the images below to be apart of what we're doing. When you purchase a shirt you're providing 21 meals, transportation, week's accommodations, and amazing teaching sessions about The Word, leadership classes, inner-beauty classes, and legit sports training sessions.  


Love yall!


Have Fun Do Good!

We are passionate about service! Sometimes when I have volunteered in the past, I thought I was dedicating time to serve and bless other people. It was in those moments that I was blessed the most. Participating in volunteering activities allows you to give back to the community, get some perspective, and make a difference! Have Fun Do Good is a unique company that strives to inspire people to do good. They make it easy to volunteer and get involved in different service projects across the United States!

HFDG partners with non-profits to support their missions and contribute to their cause through service projects. Projects include disaster relief, environmental issues, animal welfare, elderly care,  special needs populations, and beyond. You can take a trip with HFDG! They have a number of different trips you can choose from. It is important to take the time to volunteer and serve others around you. Trips like these allow the volunteers to stretch themselves, by forcing them to get out of their bubble and embrace new experiences. By traveling with Have Fun Do Good you get the opportunity to meet new people, visit new places, and make a difference in a community! 

You can connect with this awesome movement and take a trip, or you can purchase a shirt or hat and support their mission! We love these shirts. They are actually SO SOFT! Not only are they comfy, but easy to wear both casual and cute.

Instagram: @havefundogood

Twitter: @havefun_dogood