Ethos Collection: Respecting People. Respecting the Planet.

We are ending January in the DFW with perfect weather: SUNNY&&75. I honestly can't get enough of this sunshine. It has been the perfect week to start spring a little early, and whip out my Luxe Tank Dress that I got from Ethos Collection


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Ethos Collection is the ideal curation of items from a variety of brands who share the common mission of respecting people and the planet. Ethos Collection is a place where you can find "the best of the ethical best," ESPECIALLY when searching out ethical apparel.

Tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear and accessories. They've got you covered from head to toe with timeless pieces made of quality material. 

Additionally, Ethos Collection makes it a priority to support Kiva. Kiva is a non-profit that helps provide loans to people who may otherwise not have the opportunity.  

Through Kiva's microfinance institutions, Ethos Collection is currently supporting a woman named Archana. Archana has a garland making business and desires to make enough garlands to sell in the local market. In order to buy the materials to make garlands for the market, she needs capital to grow and expand her business. When you buy from Ethos Collection, you are directly supporting Archana and helping her take a step towards a better future for herself and her family!


Love Justly: Discounted Ethical Fashion

All of the brands we share with you here on the blog have the same end goal in mind. That goal is to allow shoppers to make a difference with their purchase. Whether it is through the fair trade model, using ethically sources materials, or companies with a social mission, everyone on this platform is aiming to make this world a better place through their business.

Love Justly is the brand we are introducing to you today. They encompass all of the various models of conscious shopping AND still manage to give YOU, as the shopper, an affordable and discounted price. 

Love Justly is a marketplace for discounted ethical fashion! They have partnered with a number of organizations who can use the Love Justly platform to showcase the amazing work of their artisans. The products that are featured on Love Justly are constantly in rotation, so in order to stay up to date I would recommend adding yourself to their Newsletter

Not only does Love Justly partner with companies who have a mission to make an impact and not only do they share stories of hope through the artisans who have made their products. Love Justly also supports Legacy Collective, who focuses on ensuring that money is properly spent to help those in need. 

Love justly has not forgotten about the consumer. They have made it more affordable for you to shop and still make an impact with your purchase.  

Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly.
Micah 6:8

That is the heart <3 behind Love Justly. 

Seek Wander Share


We are getting ready to go back to Uganda for our camp with Reaction Tour later this month. Being able to travel with Reaction Tour has given me some perspective and a real view of the poverty that exists in this world today. Every time I visit areas that have large amounts of underprivileged communities I am reminded why Narrow Collective is so essential! We get to share companies and products that all have one common purpose. And that purpose is to make a positive impact on the world! With that in mind, we are sharing a new brand with you today that just launched this year! 

Seek Wander Share is an ethically-sourced shop that is made up of a collection of handmade pieces for your every day girl. I love my pink scarf and bracelet set, sourced from Guatemala. (Guatemala has a happy place in my heart) It is a versatile set that will add a pop of color to any outfit! 

Photo Dec 01, 12 08 16 AM.jpg

Seek Wander Share partners with artisan groups around the globe and employs them to create products in their collection for a fair wage. At Seek Wander Share modern meets tradition. The artisans use their traditional craftsmanship and processes to craft products that are modern and relevant.

This might just make the PERFECT gift this Holiday Season! Especially with our 15% discount. Code: SWS15 [valid through Dec. 31]


Cambio Market

Cambio Market is an online boutique for handmade and ethically sourced products. Whether they're selling recycled cards made by former victims of sex trafficking, jewelry made from upcycled T-shirts, or vegan hair accessories to help species at risk - every purchase supports their social enterprise partners and gives back to a social cause!! You name the issue, they probably have product helping that need. Here are a couple of our favorites that we are featuring:



 I love the difference in impact between these products. Especially the fact that one that is helping over in the Philippines and the other right here on our own soil. It makes "making a difference" so convenient.


These greeting cards are sold by Good Paper across North America, but they are actually made in the Philippines by 80 women who have been pulled out of the sex trade. These women are a part of The Paper Project. Their goal is to give former victims of sex trafficking in the Philippines an opportunity to use their skills to make an income for themselves in dignified work. Love the work that these groups are doing for the ladies in the Philippines!

Do us a favor, and show them some love- buy your Mother's Day Card from Cambio Market

AMERICAN NOMAD: Discover Authinetic Style

AMERICAN NOMAD is the perfect place to shop for a wide variety of beautiful products that you know, without a doubt, are impacting underprivileged communities around the world.

Each item on their site is handmade by artisans from all around the world. [India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, United States, Ecuador... Ok you get it.]  When you search the pages of products you can see where each piece was handcrafted. Everything, from the lounge-wear to the home decor, is made by artisans who are working in various cooperatives striving to beat poverty, overcome discrimination and allow for skill development. When you click on a product, you can read a bit about the history of who created it and how the work and skill development from that piece has impacted the community. 


We love our vase and bowl we found on AMERICAN NOMAD! These are a product of Nkuku sent over just in time from American Nomand for the rennovations in our office! This co-op aims to develop the traditional skills of the artisans in various communities. These people have amazing skills! However, on their own they have little opportunity to use their skills to make a living. Nkuku brings the work of these artisans to new markets and retail channels, and that is EXACTLY how we found these great pieces! Two claps for AMERICAN NOMAD


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