Endorfin Foods


Any chocolate fans in the house?!?!? We love chocolate, but what makes it even better is when it's made sustainably!

Endorfin Foods makes chocolate bars that contain a blast of flavor like we've never had before! The perfect combination of spices, essential oils, and whole food sweeteners come together to create the greatness of these chocolate bars!! They are soy free, dairy free, and refined sugar free. The cocoa beans are not roasted, which allows for the rich flavor blast in EVERY BITE!

We have tried the Dark Mylk Chocolate Bars! Ever had the smoothness of milk chocolate in a dairy free product?? It's something everyone needs to experience.

My personal favorite bar from Endorfin Foods is the Turkish Coffee. This is the Dark Coconut Mylk Chocolate with Coffee and Cardamon. This bar has such a smooth coffee flavor!! If you are anything like me, then you love to hear that the chocolate you are eating is actually good for you and ESPECIALLY good for the soul!

One of the amazing things about Endorfin Foods, is you can SUBSCRIBE to their chocolates! Isn't that everyone's dream?! 


Pick your flavors and find out more on how to purchase or subscribe by heading over to their page: endorfinfoods.com
Follow along their journey by following them on IG: @endorfinfoods