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Hey y'all, I'm Lauryn Bray and I am owner of Styled By Ryn, wardrobe styling & blog. I feel so honored writing for you & Narrow Collective. I feel so fancy!

I must say, I don't always think to purchase from companies that give back, but I love the feeling when I realize I am making a difference. {That's why, I love N+C so much! They help you see companies in a new light.} My money sometimes is my voice. And if I can use my money to change the world, then that should be all around worth it. And my voice is being heard.

So, like I said, I am a wardrobe stylist, and I have compiled three looks for you to purchase and put your fingerprint on. All of these companies give back in some way, whether through one for one, food being provided to people in need, or a percentage of proceeds being donated. And all of the clothes are wearable, stylish & non “quirky”... meaning, they don't have any weird emblems or weird sayings on them, hallelujah! They look as if you bought them from Nordstrom. But you and I both know, you were using your voice/money to change the world!

 1. Every Day Style

  • Be Good Tee. Love this shirt, love the rounded hem! Such a slimming effect. And the color is divine! For every purchase, BeGood will make twelve gallons of water safe to drink, in rural areas where drinking contaminated water is the norm.
  • Bluer Denim Jeans. I searched far and wide for denim companies that give back. And I Found one! Plus, skinny jeans, looks good on almost every body shape! With Bluer Denim everything is made in America, and for every pair you buy, bluer denim will give a pair to someone in need. Loooove!  Impeccably fitting premium tailored denim that's 100% transparently made
    and sourced in America with a Buy One, Give One philanthropic mission.
  • Tom's peep toe booties. These are so cute! I love their mission statement, as they give one for one.  and I love this style shoe! Oooh so cute!
  • The Giving Keys Copper Necklace. Ooooh I love the copper key. And this mission is to Help Employ Others Impacted by Homelessness. Love Love Love this!
  • Youwood watch. These watches are wood y'all! How cool is that?! They also give a percentage of each sale to three different causes: Help one now,PURCHASED not for sale and the HUB urban ministry.
  • Warby Parker Sunshades. These are so so cute!!! I even want a pair! WP mission, for every pair purchased, one is given to somebody in need. Pretty cool, huh?
  • Live FashionAble purse. This purse is gorgeous!!! The color is just phenomenal. Premium leather for everyday wear + tear, which you want, as it won't wear out. Your purchase creates jobs for women around the world. 

2. Lazy Days

  • Good Hyouman Cardigan. I love duster cardigans, I love that you can pair it with pretty much anything and still look super cute! GH’s mission statement: “We team up with creative hYOUmans and collaborate on a limited edition shirt concept. We feature the Collaboration on and share it with our community of other amazing hYOUmans. A portion of the sales from the collaboration’s design are donated to the cause of their choice.”
  • Good Hyouman “BEST DAY EVER” Tee. I love GH’s slogan tees. They are my absolute favorite! Especially this one. Plus they are SUPER comfortable!
  • BeGood Joggers. These joggers look so amazingly cute/comfy! Plus, I feel as if they'll look great on most figures!
  • Tom's Aztec Trainers. I love these trainers! I'm thinking about getting myself a pair! And with providing a pair for somebody else with my purchase, I feel so warm & fuzzy in my heart about it!
  • Feed Love Bag. I love Feed projects so much! By purchasing this bag in particular, you'll be provide 25 meals for children around the world.

3. Brunching with the Girls..

  • Good HYOUman Maxi Dress. I cannot tell you how easy a maxi dress can be and super flattering! And perfect for 3 out of the 4 seasons. And the softest material on the planet!
  • Sseko Crossover Slides. These slides are so cute! Perfect for Summer! And wear sseko >> send a girl to college! Sweet!
  • Falling Whistles Necklace. I've always loved Their mission and look. Totally unique wearing a whistle around your neck. Total conversation starter! Their mission: “So we invest in Congolese visionaries, in local entrepreneurs working to rebuild their community.”
  • LiveFashionAble Turquoise Bar Necklace.
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