Bridgewater Candles

Light a Candle, Feed a Child

1. Buy a Candle.
2. Bridgewater Candles makes a donation to RICE BOWLS.
3. Meals are provided to an orphan overseas.

With Bridgewater Candles, it really is as simple as 1. 2. 3. and we LOVE it. 

I'm going to take a minute to really brag on these candles. We have three different ones going in our office and we have yet to figure out which one is our favorite. They are AMAZING. The quality of these candles are un-real! And they looked like they came out of a high end decor magazine!

The scent is not over baring but enough to fill a large room. There are so many to choose from!!

We LOVE our Sweet Grace Candles. I stole the candles from the office and brought them home to compliment my gorgeous engagement flowers!

And greatest part is, meal were provided in the process. It made us so happy when we opened our package to see that this gorgeous candle in itself provided three meals!

Sometimes, people think that have to sell all they have, move to a city full of poverty and serve with their hands all their life to make a difference. It is necessary sometimes, but not the case for everyone. Buy simply purchasing things like these candles, CHANGE IS HAPPENING AND DIFFERENCES ARE BEING MADE. 

Be the change you want to see in the world and do it by purchasing a Bridgewater Candle. You won't be disappointed and children will be fed.

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