Reaction Tour: UGANDA

Court here.

I have to say, I'm pretty biased to this particular organization and that's because I started it.

On top of Narrow Collective, Nicole and I run an amazing organization called, Reaction Tour.

We put on camps for kids in third world countries. This week, we're headed to Uganda. It'll be our fourth time to do camp in this location and we CAN NOT WAIT to get there. We will still be blogging for N+C but our focus will be there on the people of Uganda. 

Reaction Tour is kind of the reason N+C began. We wanted to find a blog that would expose our great sponsorship t-shirts. When you buy one of our t-shirts for $35, it actually sends a kid to our camp. For a week we will be hanging out with an amazing bunch of 500 youth. There are 26 of us on our team and it's always so amazing to see what God does through us. 

We will be posting videos, pics, etc on the Reaction Tour social media outlets: @ReactionTour. Follow what we're doing to gain an experience that we can share together.

Also, it's not too late to sponsor a kid to our camp- Shop by clicking the images below to be apart of what we're doing. When you purchase a shirt you're providing 21 meals, transportation, week's accommodations, and amazing teaching sessions about The Word, leadership classes, inner-beauty classes, and legit sports training sessions.  


Love yall!