Genesis Fair Trade | #PartnerInEmpowerment

So I have recently been to the slums of Kenya and just the other day I got back from the Dominican Republic. [I plan to write more about those travel experiences later]. If there is one thing I can emphasize from my recent travels it is that there are people in these places, and all over the world, who need opportunities for work. Think about it: working gives you something to do during the day, it allows you to provide for your self and your family, it empowers you to achieve your goals. Having sustainable work provides hope for individuals and communities, and ultimately provides more jobs that help stop the cycle of poverty. 

Companies like Genesis Fair Trade get this. They've been to the indigenous communities in Columbia, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru and they have seen the poverty and the lack of opportunity that is totally present there && they are doing something about it!

There is serious transformational power behind ethical purchasing!

Genesis Fair Trade has directly partnered with indigenous artisans in Central and South America. They are paying these artisans above-market wages. The goal for them is to reach more individuals and communities and be an instrumental part in helping them rise above the poverty level, allowing them to provide a higher quality of life for themselves and their children. Genesis Fair Trade also invests all other profits back into the communities of the artisans they employ through specific projects providing clean water, giving nourishing food, and empowering through education!

The products are beautiful and truly speak for themselves. I have this Nahaula Corte Clutch made in Guatemala. It is amazing quality and I love the boho look it provides for a simple outfit!

If you are looking for a simple way to #PartnerInEmpowerment and play a part in ending the cycle of poverty, check out Genesis Fair Trade! Get yourself a phone case, buy Mom some jewelry for Mother's Day, or get your best gal pal a super cute clutch like mine!

GlobeIn | For Mother's Day

So you may or may not know that I recently got engaged to the best man I know, Wes! LITERALLY, right after we got engaged, I got my first GlobeIn artisan box in the mail. Inside the box was THE CUTEST set of note cards, which came in perfect timing for me to start writing thank you cards to all the people who have already made our season of engagement so darn special! 

GlobeIn is a monthly subscription of beautifully crafted, artisan-made products from around the world. It's literally a globe in a box! I think this is such a fun idea! And after getting my first one, I will tell you that I am a huge fan of the products that make up the boxes. 

I received the Giving Box, which is one of multiple different boxes that they offer. Inside is a beautiful serving dish. You may not know this about me, but my goal is to collect a full and eclectic dinner set made from various artisans all over the world. So this serving dish is perfect for me and is a wonderful addition to my collection! There is also a matching gift box set and note cards with a very vibrant and trendy design. And lastly there is a palm leaf basket handmade in Mexico. It is great for holding trinkets and adding a pop of color to your home. Because of the purchase of this GlobeIn box, Craft Boat was able to expand their workshop space and employ more artisans. This box also provided sustainable full time employment for 2 bisque-makers and 4 painters. You can read more on the impact that these specific goods have on the artisans who handmade them HERE.

If you are looking for something meaningful to get your mom this Mother's Day [May 14th], I would highly recommend signing up for a GlobeIn Subscription! 

Mawu Lolo | God is Great

In Ghana 40% of the population lives on less than $1 per day. That is less than $365 in 1 year. Or less than $3650 in a whole decade. 

It is Mawu Lolo's mission to play a part in ending the cycle of poverty in Ghana. How are they doing that you might ask?

For the past 15 years Globeserve has joined forces to establish two schools there. One of the schools is a preparatory school that educates 500+ kids. The other is a vocational school that has been focused on sewing and dressmaking for unwed mothers who are at risk of turning to prostitution for work. (After graduating the program, they get a sewing machine to take home to continue their practice.)

 A recent expansion of this program is sandal making through Mawu Lolo! The women in this program are given a chance to learn a skill that has the potential to change the path of their lives and offer them and their villages stability. Mawu Lolo hopes that after the artisans graduate the program they can continue their trade in their villages and take steps toward ending the cycle of poverty by having a means to provide for themselves and their families. 

Photo Mar 20, 5 24 11 PM.jpg

And y'all, these sandals are amazing. The Elinam is the two strap cork bed shoe. This one is unisex. It is a classic style and the pop of color is perfect for the spring and summer!

The Suborsubor has three straps over the front of the foot and a leather strap for support around the ankle. I love how different this style is, and the purple pink and white color is my absolute FAV. These shoes have done me well on this little spring break vacation!!


Babies4Babies is hosting a giveaway to raise funds and awareness to support Syrian Refugee mothers. By participating in this giveaway, you are helping purchase safe birth and newborn kits for refugee mothers who are in need of support at such a monumental time in their lives! 


Every dollar you donate counts as 1 entry for the giveaway. The more you give the higher chances you will have of winning! 

What you'll win:

  • Fair Anita: Dereje Necklace in silver or gold ($88 value) 

  • Prosperity Candle: Aleppo Cuisine Gift Set ($75 Value) 

  • TPMOCS: One Pair of Moccasins ($79 Value) 

  • Tieks: $100 Gift Card 

  • Crystal Smooth: Microdermabrasion starter kit + 4-pack of replacement heads ($128 Value)

All of the companies involved in this giveaway already give-back as a part of their mission. But this week we are joining forces, with a goal to do even more! This give-away runs through Sunday, February 26th. Don't miss out!

Ethos Collection: Respecting People. Respecting the Planet.

We are ending January in the DFW with perfect weather: SUNNY&&75. I honestly can't get enough of this sunshine. It has been the perfect week to start spring a little early, and whip out my Luxe Tank Dress that I got from Ethos Collection


Shop the Winter Collection SALE and get an extra 10% off using our code:


Ethos Collection is the ideal curation of items from a variety of brands who share the common mission of respecting people and the planet. Ethos Collection is a place where you can find "the best of the ethical best," ESPECIALLY when searching out ethical apparel.

Tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear and accessories. They've got you covered from head to toe with timeless pieces made of quality material. 

Additionally, Ethos Collection makes it a priority to support Kiva. Kiva is a non-profit that helps provide loans to people who may otherwise not have the opportunity.  

Through Kiva's microfinance institutions, Ethos Collection is currently supporting a woman named Archana. Archana has a garland making business and desires to make enough garlands to sell in the local market. In order to buy the materials to make garlands for the market, she needs capital to grow and expand her business. When you buy from Ethos Collection, you are directly supporting Archana and helping her take a step towards a better future for herself and her family!


Love Justly: Discounted Ethical Fashion

All of the brands we share with you here on the blog have the same end goal in mind. That goal is to allow shoppers to make a difference with their purchase. Whether it is through the fair trade model, using ethically sources materials, or companies with a social mission, everyone on this platform is aiming to make this world a better place through their business.

Love Justly is the brand we are introducing to you today. They encompass all of the various models of conscious shopping AND still manage to give YOU, as the shopper, an affordable and discounted price. 

Love Justly is a marketplace for discounted ethical fashion! They have partnered with a number of organizations who can use the Love Justly platform to showcase the amazing work of their artisans. The products that are featured on Love Justly are constantly in rotation, so in order to stay up to date I would recommend adding yourself to their Newsletter

Not only does Love Justly partner with companies who have a mission to make an impact and not only do they share stories of hope through the artisans who have made their products. Love Justly also supports Legacy Collective, who focuses on ensuring that money is properly spent to help those in need. 

Love justly has not forgotten about the consumer. They have made it more affordable for you to shop and still make an impact with your purchase.  

Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly.
Micah 6:8

That is the heart <3 behind Love Justly. 

MATTER | Travel Attire for Her

Traveling is definitely a hobby of mine.

So far, I have made it to Uganda, India, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Peru. Next stop on my list is the Dominican Republic, and I may even make my way to Kenya! For anyone who travels, you know that it is IMPORTANT to have essential travel clothes.

To qualify as a good travelling outfit it must meet the following requirements:

1. Comfy

2. Material that is not too hot or too thin

3. Easy to move around in

4. Cute and stylish

MATTER is a socially motivated brand that has mastered the travelling outfit for the globetrotting woman.

I can say that these pants meet my travel attire requirements, and will be in my suitcase for my next adventure. Their travel wear is created by artisans around the world and each piece has a story to tell. With a mission to inspire consumers to ask why and where somethings is made, MATTER champions alternative production models so that artisans in Asia can expand their economic opportunities. 


MATTER embraces a philosophy of SLOW. By incorporating slow style, slow production, and slow design, MATTER is able to produce quality pieces with an intentional process that ultimately cultivates a better world for us all. 

Bajalia | Sustainable, Empowering, Change.

"I never chose to be an activist, I inherited it naturally by being born after two sons in an Arab family. It became a part of my DNA at a very young age to fight for injustice against women."  
-Debbie Farah, Founder of Bajalia Intl. Group

Talk about sustainable fashion! Bajalia is the epitome of what Narrow Collective is all about! We are drooling over these high end pieces, knowing they have done so much good. Bajalia Intl. Group (BIG) is 7 years old and already made so much impact! They are collaborating with artisans in 28 countries including India, Afghanistan, Ethiopa, Kenya, and Haiti!! W O R L D  C H A N G E R S.


Nicole loveeees the Clay and Gold Bead Stretch Set & Seed Beed and Chain Tassel Necklace!!

And we know I love all things gold and white, which is why the Bone and Chain Tassel Necklace is my absolute favorite!!

Major claps for Bajalia as they continue to empower women all over the world!!! One of the things I love about BIG, is that they provide an opportunity to connect with women on the other side of the globe. I can be a part of helping provide provision to a woman on the other side of the earth by simply purchasing one of their great pieces. WIN WIN!

SHOP Bajalia by visiting their WEBSITE!
Don't miss out on their journey - follow them @bajalia

Seek Wander Share


We are getting ready to go back to Uganda for our camp with Reaction Tour later this month. Being able to travel with Reaction Tour has given me some perspective and a real view of the poverty that exists in this world today. Every time I visit areas that have large amounts of underprivileged communities I am reminded why Narrow Collective is so essential! We get to share companies and products that all have one common purpose. And that purpose is to make a positive impact on the world! With that in mind, we are sharing a new brand with you today that just launched this year! 

Seek Wander Share is an ethically-sourced shop that is made up of a collection of handmade pieces for your every day girl. I love my pink scarf and bracelet set, sourced from Guatemala. (Guatemala has a happy place in my heart) It is a versatile set that will add a pop of color to any outfit! 

Photo Dec 01, 12 08 16 AM.jpg

Seek Wander Share partners with artisan groups around the globe and employs them to create products in their collection for a fair wage. At Seek Wander Share modern meets tradition. The artisans use their traditional craftsmanship and processes to craft products that are modern and relevant.

This might just make the PERFECT gift this Holiday Season! Especially with our 15% discount. Code: SWS15 [valid through Dec. 31]


Seven Super Sustainable Stocking Stuffers

With Christmas just around the corner we wanted to make your life easier by gathering a beautiful collection of ethically sourced stocking stuffers. Our goal is to help you narrow your focus this Holiday Season and help you find meaningful gifts to give your loved ones. Here is our collection of Sustainable Stocking Stuffers.

Pacha Soap
Creating livelihoods

What: Pacha Peaces
Who: Pacha Soap
Why: Support W.A.S.H. (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) aiming to implement sustainable solutions to the poverty cycle.

Revive Bath + Body
End the trafficking

What: ChapStick
Who: Revive Bath + Body
Why: Support HavenATL, which is dedicated to serving women who have fallen vicim to commercial sexual exploitation in Atlanta.  

Bridgewater Candle Co.
Meals for Orphans

What: Candle
Who: Bridgewater Candle Company
Why: Support Rice Bowls to provide meals for orphans in underprivileged areas overseas.

Creating Opportunities

What: Passport Holder
Who: Elevate
Why: Collaborate with talented national people and walk along side them to help start their own businesses. 

Get. Give. Employ.

What: Socks
Who: Mitscoots
Why: Support the homeless of Austin by employing them to package and ship their products.

Clean Water

What: Mug
Who: MudLove
Why: Support the work of Water for Good and provide a week of clean water for someone in need.

Conflict Crate
Supports the kids

What: Coffee
Who: Conflict Crate
Why: A subscription box filled with cause driven products supports kids in Bolivia.

Threads Worldwide | Gift Sets


It's officially December. Whether you are finally getting around to writing out your Christmas list for your mom or you are beginning to make purchases for your neighborhood gift exchange, holiday office party, or family Christmas celebration, it's time to start thinking about GIFTS.

Many of you, I am sure, are on the hunt to give gifts that have meaning, that empower, that give-back. You know, the kind of gifts that make a difference in someone's life. You've come to the right place!

Threads Worldwide has crafted a wonderful collection of Christmas Gift Sets for Her.  Today we are going to be sharing two of these gift bundles that are filled with pieces handcrafted by artisans from Ecuador to Kenya.  


Sea Foam Gift Set

The perfect dainty necklace with matching beaded wrap bracelet

The Manda Bracelet is created from glass beads and handmade by deaf women in Kenya. The matching Chone necklace is made of acai seeds and other delicate metals by women like Nancy, a hardworking mother of 3 who was once homeless in Ecuador, but through her endeavors as an artisan has made a way for her family.

Bright & Bold Gift Set

The bright and beautiful patterned clutch paired with a simple geometric necklace and coordinating bold earrings


The Peten Clutch is crafted from the fabric of Mayan Blouses and created by women in Guatemala who have gained the respect of the men in their community because of their business. The Baltra Necklace is made from taqua seeds by women like Nancy from Ecuador (same as above). The Betwa Earrings are handcrafted by women like Prema, who was pregnant and widowed in India. Through her work as an artisan, she has been able to send her daughter to primary school.

Threads Worldwide desires to empower women around the world through their business. The women who founded Threads Worldwide travelled all over the world and were absolutely moved by the poverty they experienced among the people. There are 1 BILLION people in the world who are living off of $1 a day. By partnering with artisan cooperatives all over the globe, Threads Worldwide is providing women the opportunity to earn a fair income for their work. This financial independence empowers the artisan women to not only take care of themselves, but also provide for their children and make their dreams a reality. 

When you shop the Threads Worldwide website you can read the artisans stories. Your purchase is a part of their story and you can share that with those you are shopping for this Christmas Season! 



E L E V A T E | Creating Opportunity

There is hope that is found in the opportunities created through Elevate.

Elevate is a non-profit company that strives to give artisans around the world the opportunity to make their dreams a reality! This company collaborates with talented national people and walks along side them to help start their own businesses. 

We had the opportunity to get our hands on some of their dreamy leather goods from the Eco-leather company that Elevate started. The founders of Elevate met a man named Samuel in South Asia who dreamed of starting a leather business that would provide jobs for the people of his community. And so Elevate was born to walk along side these hard working artisans, to encourage them, and to inspire them. Through their leather work, the artisans can adequately care for their families and pour into the community through various development initiatives!

Start your Christmas shopping early and find great leather gifts for HER or HIM! Jewelry.  Wallets. Journals.  Belts. You can even wear this Double Wrap as a bracelet, orrrr see it pictured above as the cutest leather choker! 

 &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; IG:&nbsp; @Elevate.People

                IG: @Elevate.People

Ankura Brand

Great quality. Fabulous style. One-of-a-kind clothing. Embracing sustainability one piece at a time.  Ankura Brand

This dreamy fashion line is based out of Peru. They hit all of the major check points every conscious shopper is looking for by sourcing local materials, using natural and organic fibers, working with artisan communities and giving back to the local Peruvian communities!


This piece is a part of the Andean Mod Collection and is called the Georgia Skirt, and let me tell you how well-made it truly is. When I heard that it takes up to 3 days for the artisans in the ancestral community of Caral to hand-make ONE of these babies, I was not surprised. The quality of the skirt is impeccable!

I have had some fun pairing it with different solid color tops, but with this sweater on the streets of NYC is definitely my favorite!


Ankura is launching a crowdfunding project NOVEMBER 4th. You can support this beautifully creative brand and get your hands on some yummy rewards! (including this Georgia Skirt!) Be sure to make time to take a peak at it! Find a way to get involved with this brand!



Conflict Crate

Raise your hand if you are slightly obsessed with subscription boxes!!!! ME ME ME! It is just so fun to get mysterious new goodies in the mail, isn't it?

The Conflict Crate is a new FAV! This brand is focused on making it convenient for consumers to shop consciously, and what better way than to ship a variety of socially conscious products straight to your door.

We LOVE that we are able to share companies like this with you. Their sole mission is to make conscious consumerism and ethical living more approachable and available for people. And that is exactly what Narrow Collective is all about! Two claps for team work.

We got the Education Box. All of the products in the box go toward educational causes! Learn more about these specific products and causes on the Conflict Crate site:

We LOVE that we are able to share companies like this with you. Their sole mission is to make conscious consumerism and ethical living more approachable and available for people. And that is exactly what Narrow Collective is all about! Two claps for team work.

PS-Check out their coffee subscription. Mmm. Mmm. GOOD.

Check out their IG: @Conflict_Crate 

Heshima Kenya

It's beginning to be that time of year again! The weather is changing and pretty soon the leaves will be falling. We've spent the last couple of days getting out our sweaters, putting on our booties, and changing our coffee orders from iced to hot! Fall is approaching. AND we have the perfect fall accessory to share with you!

These beautiful scarves are hand-dyed by the wonderful ladies in the Maisha Collective, the social enterprise component of the non-profit Heshima Kenya. You can find scarves of all unique color variations and styles! You will find a beautiful statement piece when you shop Heshima Kenya's selection, but let me tell you a little bit about the story behind this amazing brand.

Heshima Kenya is a non-profit organization with a holistic model of refugee protection for women and children from all over East Africa. Many of the young girls Heshima Kenya serves are already mothers, typically as a result of sexual violence and abuse that they have experienced. Through Heshima Kenya's innovative programs, these refugee girls are provided shelter, medical care, education and the opportunity to create income for themselves through the Maisha Collective. About 70% of the 57 artisans in the Maisha Collective have had no formal education prior to joining Heshima Kenya. Through this organization, young refugee women (ages 13-23) gain business and vocational skills that ultimately prepare them for their independent lives that lies ahead for each of them. 

Purchasing that perfect fall scarf through Heshima Kenya, is not only adding a "need-to-have" accessory to your wardrobe, but also empowering and impacting refugee girls across the globe!


Follow their story and Shop Here:


So, Courtney and I both have been in the process of transitioning into new homes! This is always an exciting time, trying to find great home decor to put in all the right places. In the hunt for great products, we love when we stumble upon brands that are doing good and giving back!

Just imagine if your home was filled with eclectic pieces that are making an impact all around the world. I'm just sitting here daydreaming of my perfect, cozy little home filled with beautiful pieces that just make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. We are going to be sharing some of these brands with you! 

One of our favorites is the H U N T E D F O X!

First of all, love the name. Then we chatted with the founder, and hearing her heart for her business, we fell even harder! I mean, just take one look at any of the pieces, and you will completely understand. All of the unique, hand-made items in the shoppe are a part of a collection  that has been curated over time from artisans all around the globe. Each piece creates the opportunity for a complete shift in the space you are trying to bring life to! 

Not only that, the H U N T E D F O X is donating 10% of all profits to a non-profit, Adopt Together. This organization focuses on bridging the gap between families who have a tug on their hearts to adopt and children who are in need of a place to call home. 

By purchasing a piece from H U N T E D F O X that will bring life to your home, you are also helping make an opportunity for a child to find a loving home. 

Shop Here     //


Don't forget to check out our Instagram for a giveaway of one of these amazing pillows! 

Proud Pour

For all you wine drinkers out there... WE FOUND SUSTAINABLE WINE THAT GIVES BACK! I can hardly believe it!

This North Coast Sauvignon Blanc by Proud Pour is called "The Oyster," which is a very appropriate name for it. With every bottle purchased, 100 oysters are restored to local waters.

Now if you are like me, you may be wondering why we need to restore oysters, so I've done a little research and am going to tell you why! Oysters filter up to 5,000 gallons of water EVERY DAY. This filtration system helps to remove nitrogen from the water, which allows other sea plants to receive more sunlight. Not only that, oysters are home to all sorts of shell fish. Basically, with more oysters in the sea the ecosystem is just healthier! 

This sweet and fruity savignon blanc won't disappoint you! Sip, while relaxing by the pool on one of these last days of summer or have a glass with some oysters! 

Oyster populations are down 100 times what they used to be back in the day, so buy a bottle of wine and be a part of oyster restoration on the North Coast!

Check out Proud Pour Here:

IG: @ProudPour

Saucy Lips

To wrap up our healthy and sustainable food products segment, we are sharing a company called Saucy Lips!!

Meats and veggies are a staple for me, but often times I find myself cooking them up with the same ol flavors. Honestly, it can get boring! Which is why Saucy Lips products are the perfect thing for my diet!!! Adding a punch of zesty flavor to any basic meal. 


We had the opportunity to try out the Pineapple Thai and Zesty Cilantro. Both are amazing, but my personal FAV is the Pineapple Thai! Keep in mind that all of their sauces are the most natural and healthy sauce options you can find! They are soy free, nut free, gluten free, dairy free, BPA free, GMO free and VEGAN! It's hard to find flavorful sauces with these types of credentials. The products are sustainably made in small batches by this family owned business, Saucy Lips! 


Look no further for a healthy punch of flavor to add to your meals!


Shop saucy lips here:

IG: @SaucyLipsFoods